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Gibraltar Offshore Antworten

Gibraltar is one of the British Overseas Territories that we recommend for an offshore company. Gibraltar is located at the southern end of the Iberian Peninsula on the Mediterranean Sea. Gibraltar is known for its Rock with a densely populated urban area at the foot of the Rock. The official language of Gibraltar is English, but Spanish and Llanito are also widely spoken.

Company information
The nature of the company is non-resident which means that the director of the company does not have to be on site, the board meetings and shareholders' meetings have to be held in Gibraltar. The most important company characteristics in Gibraltar:

Company formation (registration process in Gibraltar takes about 5-8 days
Minimum share capital of EUR 1.21 and usual authorized share capital of EUR 2,420
At least one director and one shareholder are required
A local qualified company secretary is required.
Submitted accounts are not publicly available
An office must be maintained within Gibraltar

Company formation
In order to entertain a non-resident company in Gibraltar, the following is required:

Submission of annual accounts
Create and deposit accounts
an annual minimum license fee of 55 EUR

Control system
Gibraltar has no double tax treaty with any country and has no corporate tax. Only the annual license fee has to be paid. Also, there is no wealth tax, capital gains tax, gift tax or VAT in Gibraltar.

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